Lash lift and tint

Exfoliate. The night before your tan exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliator or scrub to slough off the top layer of dead skin cells. Removing these cells will reveal the fresh skin cells beneath, which will form the smooth base that your spray tan will stick to. The fresher your skin cells, the longer the life of your tan – it’s as simple as that.

Known as the Gold Standard in laser technology, our state-of-the-art laser treatment with Diode technology only targets hair in the active phase of growth. Although most hair is gone in 3 treatments, it's just not possible for all the hair to be gone forever in that timeframe, regardless of the laser machine being used. You may have quicker results if you have had previous laser hair removal treatments or have super fine, low-dense hair. 

Book a consultation with our licensed technician and learn about our safe, painless and hassle-free permanent hair removal that will leave you with soft, glossy skin that you will be proud to show off, year-round. 

​​​NEW! Professional full body scrub

Go from natural to glamourous to sexy in an instant with Red Cherry lashes. We have various styles to choose from. All are 100% human hair, cruelty-free, latex free, handmade, light and of course, super comfortable.

Light up your smile with 2 to 8 shades whiter without peroxide. Our technology whitens teeth discoloured from eating, drinking and smoking. Create a positive attitude for yourself and improve your appearance while achieving a more youthful look with your new radiant smile.

With this method, you will receive a pre-filled tray (which looks a lot like a mouth guard). It is filled with whitening gel and the customer places it in their mouth long enough for the gel to lighten the teeth. This usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

You can also boost enamel strength and prevent stains by regularly using our Dual Action Pen. Whiten with one end of the pen and then boost enamel and protect against new stains with the other.

Laser hair removal

False lashes

Our custom spray tan uses only the highest quality Norvell solutions. Certified spray tan technicians cater to your body type and the glow you always wanted.

Pre-spray tan: Prep your skin before spray tan for a beautiful Golden Glow. Remove unwanted hair. wax at least 24 hours before your spray tan. If you don’t remove unwanted hair your tanning solution will cling to your hair shafts, creating a dotty and uneven finish. Waxing is an excellent choice as it will prevent hair growth for up to a month but be sure to this well before your treatment. This will allow your follicles to close up, ensuring that your tan looks balanced, even and natural. Shaving too early after your tanning treatment will strip your skin of its caramel hue so waxing is an excellent option for prolonging your colour.

Non-RMT massage

Advanced Facials

Cosmetic teeth whitening


We use gentle tea tree cream soft wax for sensitive skin. We maintain high hygiene standards by not reusing our wax and not multi-dipping our wax sticks.  

Brow waxing and shaping include the following:

  • Consultation to discuss your preferred brow shape
  • Area sanitization
  • Gentle application of tea tree cream soft wax
  • Area cooled with aloe gel 
  • Foundation concealer
  • Brow Pencil, Extender or Flawless Trio Brow Blend

Celebrate your night out, prom, graduation, holiday party, New Year's Eve, bachelorette party, engagement party, bridal shower, wedding party or any other special event with us! A completely customized look with professional makeup, natural or glam. 

Ask about our single session makeup tutorial sessions where our makeup artists will show you how to apply the proper makeup for your skin tone and face shape. 

We also provide mobile services to accommodate you and your wedding party. Our professional makeup artists with a strong background in the makeup industry for over a decade will deliver a refined service that brings luxury right to your home. Call 905-655-1999 for pricing.

Makeup application

Visit us for our 12 page brochure. 

Make light or barely-there brows and lashes beautiful and polished with a safe semi-permanent darkening tint treatment for your brows and lashes.

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Brow and lash tinting

​​​NEW! Spray tan

Enjoy some pampering and relaxation while receiving a facial treatment with face massage as well as a multitude of other health and wellness benefits. Mask and body treatment upgrades are available with any facial. 

  • Face peel facial: Reveal healthier, brighter skin by exfoliating sun-damaged, dead surface and pore-clogging debris with this non-invasive, pharmaceutical-grade treatment. Three non-invasive peels to choose between: Glycolic acid (strongest) for acne/mature skin; Grape peel (medium) all skin/basic concerns; or Lactic acid peel (gentle) sensitive/young skin.

  • Papaya facial: The enzymes present in papaya can be advantageous for those with dry skin, leaving it soft and supple. If acne has left you with scars, or if you are suffering from uneven pigmentation, papaya can be helpful. It has skin lightening properties that help clear blemishes and even out pigmentation.

  • Anti-aging facial: Best recommended for mature skin with fine lines, wrinkles, free radical damage, pigmentation, collagen and elastin breakdown associated aging and menopause.

  • Acne purifying facial: Specifically designed for acne-prone skin. This facial will reduce bacterial growth, prevent and reduce excess sebum, shiny skin and dilated pores.

  • Extreme hydrating facial: Packed with water-rich properties, a hydrating facial locks in moisture while restoring water content to your skin making your skin look dewy, glowing and healthy.

  • Skin brightening facial: Worry no longer about dull or sun-damaged skin, this brightening facial specifically targets hyperpigmentation while balancing skin tone using powerful antioxidants – like Vitamin C, which improves skin's natural defenses while boosting radiance.

  • Oxygen facial: Known as the 'Red Carpet' treatment, medical-grade oxygen is infused into the skin, replenishing levels of oxygen, smoothing out wrinkles and restoring a youthful appearance to your face. Other key benefits include a refreshed and rejuvenated complexion while reversing the effects of environmental pollutants. This treatment plumps up facial features and restores volume firmness to the skin that has lost elasticity enabling for new cells at a faster pace. This increased cell regeneration helps speed the healing of facial scars, acne and blemishes.

  • Skeyndor Power C+ Neck+Décolleté facial: Vitamin C combined with the super pomegranate derivative, Grenadine. This treatment stimulates cell regeneration and the formation of collagen for younger, brighter, and more even-toned skin.
  • Skeyndor Power Retinol Neck+Décolleté facial: Power Retinol is the outcome of exhaustive research into retinoids and substances with retinoidal or retinoid-like effects for use in the professional cosmetic field and in aesthetic medicine. Its mission is to rejuvenate skin that is aged due to natural causes or exposure to the sun (photo-aging).

  • Skeyndor Power Hyaluronic Neck+Décolleté facial: This facial is recommended for all skin types. Hydrated skin means healthy skin and this treatment offers the ultimate in hydration. Power Hyaluronic Facial combines hyaluronic acid with aquaporin, the protein in charge of transporting water to the heart of the cell.

  • SilkPeel Dermalinfusion facial: Don't be fooled by other facials that claim to be the same. SilkPeel Dermalinfusion is the original, offering the same cleaning and extraction as the HydraFacial, plus MORE including targeted infusion and advanced microdermabrasion! Our machine is the real deal — an instant and long term solution for improving hyperpigmentation, dark spots, post-inflammatory, aging skin with fine lines and wrinkles, sallow skin, dry dehydrated skin, rough skin texture and acne-prone skin.

    SilkPeel Dermalinfusion is a resurfacing treatment developed by medical technology that can be used on the face and body. The handpiece has 5 microdermabrasion surface tips that can effectively treat around the delicate eyes and lips areas traditionally too delicate for professional exfoliating treatment. Patients see and experience results immediately after the treatment — 70% more volumized skin, improved radiance, reduced fine lines and wrinkles and stimulated cell renewal.

Goodbye mascara. Hello, lash lift and tint. Lash lift gives you lovely long-lasting sexy lashes using your own natural lashes. This combined tint and lift typically lasts 6 - 8 weeks, depending on the aftercare you give them. Fast application, advanced formulation, nourishing and conditioning while lifting the lashes from the root.

Lash extensions

Want to add thickness to your own lashes? Lash extensions are your ultimate answer for longer, thicker and more beautiful looking eyelashes. Touch ups every 2 to 4 weeks are recommended. 

The treatment includes full body exfoliation, mask and body wrap. Renew your body skin just like you would with your face skin by getting your body professionally cleaned from the neck down with a special formulated exfoliant, mask and moisturizer. 

A concentrated mask is applied over your entire body with the intention to deliver therapeutic hydration and detoxification effect. This is an intensely rejuvenating and relaxing experience that polishes your dull and tired skin, revealing the soft new skin that awaits underneath. It's especially useful in reaching areas of your body like the middle of your back that may be challenging to scrub and exfoliate on your own. At the end of the treatment, your body will be cleaned with hot towels then moisturized. 

This treatment definitely implies that your whole body (excluding genital areas) is being scrubbed, which can make naturally modest people shy away from getting this treatment. However, shy spa-goers will be pleased to know that it's always an option to cover any part of your body with a towel during the scrub. And of course, you can also wear swimwear such a bikini, if you wish.

Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure, tension, motion, or vibration. It can be applied with the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or a massage device. Depending on the application and technique used, massage is used to promote relaxation and well-being.  

  • Deep relaxation massage: Relaxing the entire body by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart increasing the level of oxygen in the blood while decreasing muscle toxins improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension.

  • Hot stone massage: Melt away tension, eases muscle stiffness, increases circulation and metabolism. Hot stone massage therapy session promotes deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key points on the body.
  • Head and shoulder massage:  Our head and shoulder massage will put you into a deep state of relaxation, often resulting in you falling asleep. Head and shoulder massage can decrease stress, boost mood and encouraging hair growth by promoting the circulation of the hair follicles. Oils are used to facilitate the massage process.